Ghana: N4J/ NCRC First Initiative

Climate-Smart Agriculture Around Three National Parks

N4J is supporting the Nature Conservation Research Center (NCRC) to develop a local landscape-level, climate-smart cocoa agricultural support system in areas around three national park areas to contribute to Ghana’s national climate change goals and cocoa/chocolate company commitments to source cocoa from deforestation-free supply chains.

N4J’s support will include both technical expertise on smart agriculture but also resources for implementation, monitoring, and adaptation.

NCRC is working with traditional leaders and private and public stakeholders to support the pilot implementation of the Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Programme (GCFRP) and Cocoa Forest Initiative (CFI).

NCRC will hire and train community-based agricultural extension workers to support implementation of climate-smart cocoa agricultural practices by farmers designed to significantly increase farmer productivity and income, while also contributing to climate mitigation and adaptation.

In addition, NCRC will work with traditional leaders and government authorities to negotiate the removal of illegal farms from national parks.

In so doing, NCRC will set the stage for achieving LandScale sustainable landscape certification being promoted by VERRA.

Village chief with his cocoa
Ruby cocoa
Ripe cocoa pods
Close up cocoa drying
Community meeting
Faustina Saakyi
Boys with plantains and bushmeat
Cocoa village at dusk